After several years of traveling every corner of the globe, Stephanie returns to France to explore her passion for ceramics. She received her diploma from The Vallauris School of Fine Arts in 2007, where she went on to realize her artistic project and vision; incorporating the translucent effect of light through clay.

The art of firing porcelain creates a pure and translucent effect. The heat from the oven transmits and reconstructs the light enabling a timeless effect throughout each piece of art, amplifying the texture and manifesting sublime creations with minute details and authenticity.
The play between the light and shadow becomes a unique production.

The artist is attracted to multi-cultural influences, warm atmospheres, and explores these dimensions and methods of translating movements, forms and emotions daily. Her creations are real experiences linked to the real world. Stephanie uses this technique while shaping her pieces, and reveals her identity through light; she invites us to feel and appreciate how the elements are formed with respect to their inherent unity in diversity.

Incorporating a subtle alchemy of matter and light, her custom creations can be installed and altered for monumental, architectural, or ornamental purposes.


3 bis avenue Charles Cros
34830 Jacou
Workshop – Showroom by appointment

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